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About LOUDcpt

LOUDcpt was founded by a group of passionate cannabis enthusiasts who were tired of seeing the same entry-level glass products available in South Africa. Having spent time importing our own smoking accessories and merchandise, we wanted to help bring the same premium types of smoking accessories to our community as well.

We do understand that some of our products may come at a higher price than you’re used to seeing with other brands of glass, but we believe in investing in quality and supporting real glass artists. We stand by our products, and our ethos is that we wouldn’t sell a product we wouldn’t use. In addition to internationally sourced products, we also work with local businesses to help promote the growth of the South African cannabis industry.

We are proud to state that Vibes, Blazy Susan, Alien Flower Monkey, and Privileged Lungs are just some of the brands our LOUDcpt headshop introduced to the South African market for the first time.