Despite the numerous ways to consume cannabis, few are as loved as the joint. Smoking a joint allows you to pick up on subtle flavours that otherwise would get lost in a bong or pipe. This is because a joint allows for a slow, steady pull where the smoke can waft over the tongue. It’s […]

Rolling paper brands are a dime a dozen; visit your local headshop, and you’ll likely encounter an overwhelming number of brands. Decisions can be made even harder when you realize that brands often have multiple paper styles available. In this article, we’ll discuss what we consider to be the best rolling papers currently on the […]

Buying a bong is an exciting experience, whether it’s your first or fifth. But how do you know it’s worth the money? The glass market is much like many others, with generic cheap Chinese imports taking a bulk of the market share. On the flip side, glass also has an extremely passionate following, favouring an […]

Getting high is great, but as with other psychoactive substances, set and setting can directly influence the outcome of your sesh. Areas in which you feel safe and calm can elevate your smoking experience to another level. This article will explore ideas to help you craft your ideal smoke spot, focusing on practicality and ambiance. […]