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Creating The Perfect Smoke Spot At Home

Getting high is great, but as with other psychoactive substances, set and setting can directly influence the outcome of your sesh. Areas in which you feel safe and calm can elevate your smoking experience to another level. This article will explore ideas to help you craft your ideal smoke spot, focusing on practicality and ambiance.

What Makes a Good Smoke Spot?

To craft the ideal sesh area, consider what you enjoy first. This is art, after all, not science. Places where you unwind should be tailored to what you find both relaxing and exciting. To get the process started, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • How cozy should my setup be?
  • How important is ambiance?
  • Am I catering more towards bong smoking or joints? Or should it cater to both?
  • Does it need to work for dabs, too?
  • How much space do I have to work with?
  • What’s my budget?

The Question of Coziness

The question of how cozy to make your smoke spot depends on the type of environment you smoke in. If you’re hosting new people or casual friends, it can be helpful to tone down the coziness and go for something less personal. If your spot is just for you to enjoy, the cloud’s the limit, and you can go all out with beanbags and blankets. Remember that excessive materials make the area more prone to damage from dropped coals and hot lighter tips, and one needs to stay vigilant to avoid fires.

If your smoke spot is outside, getting it comfy can be challenging. It can also be more expensive, as garden chairs only provide so much comfort. For outdoor sesh spots consider finding an area protected from excessive rain and going with outdoor couches – again, not a cheap addition.

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The Importance of Ambiance

Getting blazed enhances your senses, and there’s nothing quite like a room’s ambiance to affect your perceptions of your surroundings. You can take your high to the next level with the proper lighting. This is especially true for the introspective stoners who use their sesh to connect with themselves on levels they don’t when sober.

Crafting the perfect ambiance requires balance, and too-dark rooms become difficult to smoke in. You can’t find the lighter; you knock over your bong. It becomes a whole thing. That’s why I’d recommend an adjustable bulb that lets you change the lighting colors and brightness via your phone. They are relatively inexpensive and have the power to transform your sesh spot into an otherworldly experience.

Faerie lights are another popular addition to one’s sesh spot. Combine the two, and you have a versatile environment to adjust to the mood; they can also be used more easily outdoors than other lighting methods. Sometimes, going dark can be relaxing, but at other times, you want to be able to see what you’re doing.

Don’t Forget The Tunes

What is a sesh without good tunes? Bluetooth speakers are a powerful tool that can set the tone of your high. We all have our own music preferences, though, and portable Bluetooth speakers that allow more than one device to connect at a time will let you and your friends be the DJ.

Speakers with built-in lighting effects can also tie together your ambient room lighting. If you have the money, something like the JBL Pulse is not a bad choice, with its unique design and vibrant lighting. There are also cheaper brands that follow a similar design if you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of audio quality.

Ultimately, having an audio solution for your spot should be seen as a requirement.

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Smoking Accessories

Considering how you and your visitors smoke can also allow you to tailor your space most effectively. If you smoke joints, having a dedicated spot for your rolling tray, papers, and ashtray is a good idea. Similarly, whether or not you smoke bong yourself, having one available in a sesh area can cater to guests. Pipes are small enough to not need much consideration around space.

Regardless of which you smoke, ensure you have a good grinder! There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as having a guest struggle with their flower getting stuck in your grinder. If you have the means, Santa Cruz Shredders will NOT disappoint.

Having a roll of hemp rick at your station is an affordable option that is sure to woo your bong-smoking buddies the next time around. There are a lot of bong smokers who avoid the butane from lighters and prefer a hemp wick.

Will You Have a Dab Station?

It’s not mandatory, but if you’re a fan of concentrates, having an area to rip dabs from can elevate your smoking area. Keep in mind that dab rigs are a bit of a mission to get started, with butane blow torches still being the most common heating method. Draped feathers and materials around your grow space may look cool, but when it comes to your dab station, try and keep it clear of potential fire hazards.

Investing in a stable rig and pairing it with a mood mat can help ensure it doesn’t get bumped off whichever surface it’s stored on.

Work With Your Budget

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t be limited by our budgets. We’d all have projectors with comprehensive lighting, stereo sound, and all the smoking accessories possible. However, back down on earth, our budgets help keep our goals in check and allow us to prioritize what is most important to us.

If you already have a dedicated smoke spot, you may only need to add a little, and the process becomes more affordable. If you’re sick of the same boring area, there are ways to improve your sesh spot on a budget, no matter what you’re working with.

In terms of priority, I’d suggest the following:

  • Smoking accessories. Whether trays, grinders, papers, bongs, or rigs, you should ensure you have these essentials.
  • Music! Invest in speakers that can entertain you and your friends and keep the vibes going.
  • Seating. Think about how you or your group are going to be seated. It may be as simple as throw pillows or as extravagant as bean bags.
  • A stash section. Where you can keep your weed.
  • Lighting. You don’t need to spend a lot to get an awesome result. You’d be surprised by what kind of difference this makes to a sesh spot. You can go with cheap faerie lights or some fancier lights intended for backdrops.
  • Additional decor. Personalize your space with posters, figures, or whatever else you find improves your space and makes it personalized to you.

I hope that this guide helps you craft your ideal smoke spot. It may seem trivial, but elevating your high via your surroundings can profoundly influence your smoke. Every person’s opinion of the ideal smoke spot will differ, and while these suggestions are somewhat universal, you know yourself best, and if you had to take one thing away, it’s the fact that your sesh spot should feel like yours.

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